The DC-Tri™ Standing Electric Scooter: Where to Find Top Stand Up Mobility Scooters in Australia

Would you like your everyday commute to be much easier–and find a simple and fun way to get around town when you have errands to run or just want some fresh air? The DC-Tri™  is a standing mobility scooter in Australia that’s extremely useful for a wide range of applications.

The simplicity of the DC-Tri™ is what makes it so fun and convenient. Use it to get to work, buy groceries, play golf, go fishing, or anything else you’d like to do without having to worry about driving or balancing on a traditional bicycle. Here are some of the cool things about the DC-Tri™ you’ll love.

True innovation

These standing mobility scooters are completely electric and are driven by the front wheel. You can control speed and acceleration with the thumb throttle; there are five pre-programmed speed settings that allow you to adjust the maximum speed to suit your preferences. The DC-Tri™ travels at up to 25 kmh and will go about 50 kmh on one battery charge. The batteries take only four hours to charge completely and they are interchangeable to maximise your riding distance and give you the freedom to recharge whether you’re on or off the trike.

Each DC-Tri™ is individually handmade for the best possible craftsmanship. The team producing these scooters includes some of the top engineers, metal workers, and bike mechanics around who are equally committed to delivering the best quality at a great price.

These scooters were designed in Australia and produced in Taiwan, a region known for high-quality bike production. Your DC-Tri™ will feature a backlit display screen showing your distance travelled, speed, top speed, battery charge level, and more. The lightweight frame is easy to transport and store.

Who uses electric scooters?

Anyone can ride with ease–you don’t need to be in great shape or have excellent balance. Even people who have never ridden a bicycle have no trouble with the DC-Tri™. It can carry up to 118kg and is perfect for riding around cities, but many users opt for off-road adventures, too.

People who love the DC-Tri™ include:

  • Business commuters
  • University students
  • Ageing adults
  • Resorts and hire companies
  • Parents, teens, and children
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • The young at heart

You can buy plenty of accessories to make your ride more fun and convenient. These include towbars for carrying kayaks, golf bags, or fishing gear; an optional safety wheel to prevent tipping; drift sleeves; spoke illuminators; and trailers.

Where to buy a stand up mobility scooter in Australia

The DC-Tri™ is truly an accomplishment in Australian innovation. This stand up scooter is fun, simple, and smart. At Movement Tech, we offer a high-quality, super stable personal electric transport experience. The DC-Tri™ offers the same wonderful convenience of a bike or Segway for people who would like a different experience or those who can’t use these other methods of personal transportation. To learn more or to buy yours today, contact Movement Tech now.