DC-TRI™: The Highest Quality Electric Tricycle E Scooter Money Can Buy in Sydney

Is it a bike? A tricycle? An electric scooter?

These questions tend to surround the DC-TRI™ when people see it for the first time. Developed by Movement Tech, this product looks like a bicycle in the front but more like a Segway in the back. These comparisons and observations are intentional: our E scooter, available now in Sydney, is designed to combine the best features of electric bikes, mobility scooters, personal transporters like the Segway, not to mention the sheer mobility joy of kids’ tricycles, into one amazing product.

The result is an electric scooter that handles like a bike, zips like a Segway, and balances like a tricycle. It is an extremely safe and fun way to get around, and unlike the Segway—which demands a certain level of balance and skill—it is ideal for riders of any age and mobility level. Especially for seniors or older adults looking for an appealing electric bicycle in Sydney, the DC-TRI™ is hard to beat.

Our High-Quality Build

There aren’t many electric tricycles in Sydney—or on the market, period—which makes the DC-TRI™ safer than many of its alternatives. Because of its three wheels, the DC-TRI™ provides just as much stability as standing on the ground. The same can’t be said for bicycles, most scooters, or two-wheel transporters like the Segway. Movement Tech markets the DC-TRI™ to customers with mobility challenges because it is virtually the only product of its type that is appropriate and safe for this segment of the market.

Our scooter offers another layer of safety and reliability thanks to its ultra high quality built. For all intents and purposes, the DC-TRI™ is indestructible. The frame is made from aircraft-grade chromoly that has been tested in the most extreme conditions imaginable to ensure durability. The battery is UN-certified with lithium-ion cells. We have had customers get their DC-TRI™ scooters to the 4,000-kilometre mark (and beyond) without a hiccup. The DC-TRI™ is what you want if you are looking for reliable and durable electric bikes in Sydney

If you are worried about the three-wheel design making the DC-TRI™ less manoeuvrable than other electric bikes or scooters, we’ve got good news for you. We designed this model with a zero turning circle radius, which means that you could turn it around in an elevator with minimal fuss or fit it through any standard doorway. This factor makes it easy to navigate the DC-TRI™ through even busy tourist spots in the heart of Sydney.

Try out the DC-TRI E Scooter in Sydney Today

Are you interested in giving the DC-TRI™ a try? You can buy this electric scooter in Sydney today. To place an order for your E scooter, visit the Movement Tech online store today. In addition to the DC-TRI™ itself, our store also stocks helmets for safe riding, a lock to secure your scooter to a standard bike rack, a spare battery for longer trips, and even a steel frame trailer. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Movement Tech directly.