Do You Want to Buy an Electric Tricycle, E-Scooter, Electric Bicycle, or Electric Scooter in Melbourne? DC-TRI™ is the Best Ride in Town

Do you remember the feeling of freedom and exhilaration you experienced as a child gliding through the neighbourhood on your bike? For most of us, life took us further away from that freedom and mobility as time passed; too many hours sitting at a desk and perhaps too many celebratory occasions involving food. If you think your biking days are over for good because of mobility challenges or other health limitations, you probably imagine a mobility scooter is the only ride in your future.

We have good news for you. Movement Tech has introduced an electric bicycle in Melbourne that will help you to recapture the magic of your childhood.

DC-TRI™ is the E-Scooter in Melbourne to Get You Moving Again

DC-TRI™  is a stand-up electrical tricycle that requires no balance or skill to ride. It’s highly manoeuvrable and incredibly easy for someone of any age to ride. With three points of contact to the ground, the DC-TRI™ is so stable that you can compare riding it to standing on the ground. The DC-TRI™ is the perfect trike for people with mobility or balance issues who can’t ride a Segway. It even has a zero-turning circle and easily fits through a standard doorway. You can go anywhere on a DC-TRI™

If you want to buy an electric scooter in Melbourne, the DC-TRI™ is a sound investment. It’s built from virtually indestructible aircraft-grade chromoly and fitted with a UN-certified Lithium-ion battery. You can ride 30-50 kilometres on a single charge, and the cost to run the device is as little as 10 cents per 35km. When you are ready to recharge, simply plug the battery into a standard wall outlet at home or in your office.

We are proud to share the DC-TRI™ is a patented Australian innovation. It was developed with the weather, terrain, and coastal lifestyles of Australia in mind and with consideration for the environment. Because it produces no carbon emissions, riding a DC-TRI™ e-scooter in Melbourne is environmentally guilt-free.

Health and Lifestyle Benefits of a DC-TRI™

DC-TRI™ was tested in the most extreme conditions possible. It can travel along sidewalks, boardwalks, footpaths, and beach paths and it climbs inclines with ease. Whether you use your DC-TRI™  to commute or explore, it will safely take you wherever you want to go.

You won’t only travel in style and attract envious glances from pedestrians— you will also improve your health. Driving an electric tricycle in Melbourne not only makes you look younger, but the ergonomic standing position of DC-TRI™ also improves posture and strengthens your core muscles. Whether you are out exploring sights in the area or using your DC-TRI™ to commute to work, you will get a healthy workout without breaking a sweat.

At Movement Tech we sell electric bikes in Melbourne to individuals and families and offer solutions to tour operators who would like to use our bikes for tourist hire. Contact us or phone 1300 487 453 if you would like to find out more about the benefits of riding a DC-TRI™ in Melbourne.