Benefits of the Electric Tricycle and Where to Buy an Electric Bike or E Scooter on the Gold Coast

Are you looking for a new mode of transportation to work or just to get around town on your downtime? The DC-Tri™ is an electric tricycle built for it all. It’s perfect for people who don’t enjoy bicycles but need a little extra convenience and speed over walking everywhere.

These electric scooters ride like a cross between a bicycle and a scooter, with one wheel in the front and two in the back for stability and comfort. Users stand to ride the DC-Tri™ and this remarkable device will travel at up to nearly 25 kmh. Here are some top reasons why people choose the DC-Tri™.


This electric tricycle on the Gold Coast is engineered to be completely battery-powered and use green energy. Use self-propelled power or the electric motor–either way, you’ll be riding around town in style while helping protect the environment. Recharge the battery in about four hours using any standard outlet–a single charge will take you almost 50 kilometres, depending on usage.

Technologically equipped

Your e scooter on the Gold Coast comes with a backlit LCD screen that clearly displays the speed, distance, travel duration, and charge level. It also features a USB port that allows you to charge your phone and any other devices on the go. The mode controller lets you choose between five speed levels with ease.

Easy and safe to ride

The unique design of the DC-Tri™ gives users a low centre of gravity, making it stable, safe, and virtually untippable. These electric bikes on the Gold Coast have undergone stress tests and passed weight ratings to ensure a safe ride for everyone. They are made with high-quality components that are extremely slow to take damage. They fit easily through standard doorways and walkways and are easy to store and transport.

The three-wheeled design makes it suitable for many different riders; you don’t need to have experience or great balance to enjoy it. Everyone from young adults to older individuals can enjoy the DC-Tri™ without the pain and difficulty of long-distance bike rides.

Super fun

There’s no more fun way to zip around town than on an electric bike on the Gold Coast. Whether you’re running errands, heading to work or school, or just out enjoying a beautiful afternoon, your DC-Tri™ will add a lot of fun to your day! If you like, you can even (safely) unleash your inner daredevil, doing mini wheel stands or even adding tire sleeves so you can drift.

Where to buy an electric scooter on the Gold Coast

The DC-Tri™ is perfect for getting around your neighbourhood, going to the supermarket, or commuting to work without having to sit in traffic or break a sweat. You can also use it to make parking easier–just carry it in your trunk or on your bike rack and use it to cover those last few kilometres quickly.

At Movement Tech, we offer the Australian-designed DC-Tri™ along with a range of accessories to make your ride more convenient and more fun. Can’t ride a Segway? No problem–contact Movement Tech today to learn more about the fantastic benefits of the DC-Tri™, including greater stability than a Segway, or to buy your electric scooter on the Gold Coast.