Feel Young Again with the Movement Tech DC-TRI™, an Electric Tricycle  E Scooter That You Can Buy Today in Brisbane



At Movement Tech, we believe the DC-TRI™ —our proprietary electric scooter/tricycle/bicycle—is the future of personal transportation. Unlike passing trends of the future, the DC-TRI™ will be popularised not by teenagers or twentysomethings but by adults over the age of 40 in need of mobility solutions. Before long, you will see our electric tricycle all around Brisbane, thanks to the way it caters so perfectly to people of all ages.

Promoting Mobility with a New Type of Personal Transportation

For younger people, mobility is often an afterthought–it’s something they take for granted. It’s not much of a challenge for most twenty- or thirtysomethings to walk clear across a city or to bike for long distances with minimal fatigue. As we get older, these things become more challenging and less appealing. We long for easier, less-work-intensive ways to get around. This logic explains why mobility scooters have become so popular for senior citizens.

There is a drawback to the mobility scooter. We have all seen people riding around on those four-wheel scooters and had a thought about how they made the rider look vastly older than they are. Worse, the seated design of mobility scooters encourages ageing adults to get off their feet when they should be doing the opposite. Keeping up our leg strength and balance is vital as we get older, and mobility scooters as they are now do nothing to promote health in those areas.

By bringing the DC-TRI™ E scooter to Brisbane, Movement Tech is hoping to dethrone the mobility scooter as the go-to mode of personal transportation for older adults. These scooters are not like the mobility scooters you know. Instead of four wheels, they have three, and instead of encouraging sitting, they require the rider to stand. The DC-TRI™ is not like a Segway, which requires a degree of balance and skill to pilot safely. The DC-TRI™ sits at the happy medium between the two, offering an alternative that is healthier than traditional mobility scooters but safer and easier to use than a Segway.

One of the favourite things we’ve heard from seniors who have tried our electric bicycles in Brisbane is that they provide a feeling of youth and vibrancy. ‘Riding this scooter makes me feel young again’ has been a common refrain among our early adopters. Our users find that riding the DC-TRI™ is not only an effective way to get around but also a lot of fun. They also find that being up on their feet and riding our scooter makes them feel better than sitting on a mobility scooter or in a car. We love this feedback, and we think it speaks to all the benefits the DC-TRI™ offers to Brisbane adults.

Try Our E Scooter in Brisbane Today

Electric bikes in Brisbane are a fast-growing trend, and they’re catching on in cities around the world, too. With the DC-TRI™, Movement Tech has put its own stamp on this growing trend with a fresh take that is especially appealing and beneficial to adults who have passed 40. To learn more about our products, or to buy an electric scooter in Brisbane, contact us today.