Feel Young Again with a Trike: How a Stand Up Electric Tri Bike or Tricycle Gets You Moving

When you cannot move around the way you want to, you feel trapped. Your mind wants to go, go, go, but your body is holding you back. This limitation in your movement can happen for several reasons—and many of them, including ageing, you cannot control. Movement Tech’s electric stand up tricycle can be a real game-changer if you find yourself struggling with mobility limitations.

We can help you take your mobility back using a revolutionary electric stand up trike.By providing you with a high-quality new electric tri bike option, we can help you unlock the freedom to be mobile again and to live your life as fully as possible.

The Perfect Alternative to the Segway’s Limitations

Our stand up electric bike, the DC-TRI™, is a perfect alternative to the Segway. When the Segway was released, it was billed as a revolutionary leader in new movement that would allow those who had mobility issues to have some semblance of freedom again. While the Segway is an incredible advancement in technology, we believe the DC-TRI™ can provide you with other mobility options that are even easier to manage and enjoy.

The DC-TRI™ is a leading model in the electric stand up tricycle industry. The primary difference between the Segway and the DC-TRI™ is the fact that the DC-TRI™ supplies more stability with its third wheel and handlebars. The DC-TRI™ takes away any of the insecurity you may feel when it comes to balance issues while you are on an electronic scooter or Segway. You’ll feel more stable, more comfortable, and well-balanced throughout your ride.

You can enjoy our electric stand up trike for some purposes, whether you are looking to commute to work, run to the store, or just go out and enjoy the day. The DC-TRI™ provides a user-friendly, safe, and stable experience.

The DC-TRI™ is an original Australian invention and design. It will run at a very low cost to the user and has the added benefit of being eco-friendly: It was created not only keeping a wide variety of clients in mind but also taking into account our beautiful Australian surroundings.

Contact Us Today for Electric Stand Up Tricycle Options

Movement Tech is dedicated to providing you with a quality electric stand up trike that will suit your needs. We will provide you with a top-of-the-line electric tri bike that promotes stability, is remarkably responsive and manoeuvrable, and provides the perfect travel solution for any person with movement challenges. Our goal is to not only provide you with a high-quality product but also to improve your life by providing you with both mobility freedom and fun.

To learn more about the types of products we offer or to schedule a test ride on our DC-TRI™, please contact or call us at 1300 487 453. We look forward to helping you feel young again.