Movement Techs’Electric Scooter Store: Providing Adult Size, 3-Wheel and E-Scooter Models in Australia

Does it feel like you can’t get around as much as you used to? You see so many advertisements on television about new places opening that look like such a good time. However, you start thinking that there is no way you would be able to get around to see everything without becoming a hindrance to your companions. Well, never feel that way again with Movement Tech and our new 3-wheel electric scooter. Exclusively Australian designed and innovated to make you feel young again and to keep you on the go; never to miss out on a tour with your friends, or just a night out with family.

The Adult Size Electric Scooter that will Make you Feel Less and Less like an Adult

We are proud to say that at Movement Tech we are the exclusive licensed retail distributor of the DC-TRI in Australia. Our innovative e-scooter is the Australian designed, state of the art, ultra-safe self-balancing electric transport device that allows our riders the freedom of effortless movement. Here to help you quickly get around and have fun while doing it. Use our electric scooter for adults in Australia for everything and anything from touring new exciting locations to just having a nice relaxed evening with your loved ones. Our innovative 3-wheel electric scooter is made from aircraft grade Chromoly, making it virtually indestructible. Every scooter comes with a UN-certified Lithium-ion battery to make sure you are always ready to be on the go. Never miss out on an exciting new tour or a day out with family or friends again. They are also designed to ride in a standing position, making it much healthier for your muscles and bones compared to sitting.

Our Electric Scooter Store Has Everything You’ll Need

We know that there are so many other amazing products out there by other competitors and deciding can be a difficult task. However, at Movement Tech we can tell you with 100% certainty that our products were made from day one with you in mind. We believe in producing high quality electric scooters that offer effortless movement and accessibility. With our trikes, we focused on stability and ease of use. Our e-scooters require no balance or extra skill to ride and are highly manoeuvrable so that you can get around the busy streets with ease. Rigorously tested under the most extreme conditions we can assure you that no matter what the situation is, with our scooters you will always be ready to get out there and see all the beauty that Australia has to offer.

Still undecided, why not reach out to us and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Designed in Australia for Australians we are sure that we’ll be able to guide you and look forward to hearing from you.